…in a good way

…in a good way




I’m glad someone made this.

Fun fact: I toured Cartoon Network studios back in 2009 and met a woman who worked with the creator of Spongebob as one of the executives of the show.

She said that the creator was no longer interested in making the ahow after the movie had been released, but what did Nick do?

Tell him that they owned the rights to the show and would continue making it with or without him. This is mostly because the series was a cash cow for them.

Seriously, look at how much merch they were selling back in its hayday.

But another thing she told me was that his worst fear was to see something thrown out with the characters he lovingly created on it. It pained him to see all that excessive marketing of his characters..

So yeah. Nick’s not a nice network imo.

I would almost guess that the creator is TRYING to get it cancelled by doing over-the-line “gags” like the suicide references and overabundance of gross-out shots.

YES. I am glad someone made this too. HOWEVER I do have to critique this power point because while there are some facts being presented here, it is largly opinion based. Someone reading this who has not seen any of the new episodes compared to the old ones probably wont’t understand the entire point of some of the “fatcs” being represented here. For example, said reader may not grasp just how funny some of the lines from the older Spongebob episodes where because they are missing context. Also, some of the Episodes are stated as being “dull” and “pointless” and, while I do agree, it’s not really stated WHY they are this way for someone who hasn’t seen it. 

Overall, I do think this is a great post and I’m glad someone took the time out to create it because seriously, Spongebob’s time has passed. Now he is simply haunting the now grown 20-something years old kids who remember when Spongebob first aired and used to actually BE something, and rotting the brains of the new generation.

I fully understand now why Danny Antonoucci didn’t pick nickelodeon when he pitched Ed, Edd, n Eddy way back in the late 90’s. Who knows, if he did, we may still have the Eds, but at what cost?